Professional Ownership®

For any successful business, the decision to seek outside investors is often transformative. Employees, communities, financial security and legacies are at stake.



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As a proven provider of capital and expert strategic guidance, we help select, support and hold professional management teams accountable for achieving strategic goals.

We collaborate with the talented management teams of our portfolio companies by providing intellectual firepower grounded in common business sense.

The Lubar & Co. Professional Ownership® operating philosophy follows six key tenets:

  1. Acquire companies jointly with operating managers who are dedicated to building their business and rewarded for doing so.
  2. Operate each company on a world-class basis by providing management with the operational, financial and human resources necessary to develop the business.
  3. Create meaningful ownership opportunities for management through an equity structure that aligns their interests with ours.
  4. Operate in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and the highest standards of integrity in all relationships.
  5. Use common sense and sound judgment to guide our actions.
  6. Build companies that produce reliable, growing earnings and reinvest the cash flow to fund future growth. This is a long-term investment strategy aimed at appreciation and compounding equity values.