Professional Ownership®: A Brief History of Lubar & Co.

For any successful business, the decision to seek outside investors is often transformative. Employees, communities, financial security and legacies are at stake.



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For over 50 years, in collaboration with dozens of vibrant, vital businesses, Lubar & Co. has been helping companies, their communities and their legacies thrive.

Lubar & Co. traces its history back to the early 1960s, when founder Sheldon Lubar developed a business investment strategy he called Professional Ownership®.

The concept was to serve as a knowledgeable, sophisticated private investor bringing together the large pools of institutional capital and the many buy-out opportunities that existed. At that time, institutional investors had neither the staff nor the resources to identify acquisition candidates or to select, motivate, monitor and hold management accountable for executing the business plan, Lubar reasoned.

Professional Ownership® was put to the test when Lubar acquired Sorgel Electric Corp. in collaboration with Massachusetts Mutual Life, State Mutual Life and First National Bank of Boston. Five years later, Sorgel had increased revenues 3 times and was merged into Square D Corp. for a record return on investment.

Over the years, Lubar & Co. has applied Professional Ownership® to many companies. Today, our investments are permanent unless compelling events arise that would cause management and ourselves to be sellers.

Five decades and dozens of successful businesses later, with David Lubar now in charge of daily operations as president and CEO, Lubar & Co. continues to partner with management teams to pursue new investment opportunities.